Love Your Liver

Patient Perspective: Fatty Liver Disease Journey

April 15, 2021

Meet Kam Taitt, our first "Love Your Liver" guest and a dear friend of NASH kNOWledge. Kam was diagnosed with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease around the age of 31. Kam shares his journey from then until now including feeling alone in this disease, not knowing much about it, and his struggle in finding the right medical team and diet to help him improve his health. Kam's humor and upbeat attitude are always appreciated. Kam is a former Board Member of NASH kNOWledge and he has helped us from a consulting standpoint, helping us innovate and think big. 

Kam is a client leader with expertise in helping brands leverage technology (Voice, AI, Immersive Media, Automation, etc.) to increase sales. He is clearly a tech enthusiast and most recently a podcaster. 

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