Love Your Liver
Liver Trivia with NASH Patients & Caregivers and Intercept Pharmaceuticals

Liver Trivia with NASH Patients & Caregivers and Intercept Pharmaceuticals

August 31, 2021

A special Liver Trivia episode with Fatty Liver/NASH patients and caregivers, hosted by Intercept Pharmaceuticals and NASH kNOWledge.

Metabolic Madness: A Thanksgiving In June Special Episode
A NASH Day Exclusive: Sugarproof, The Hidden Dangers of Sugar Putting Your Child’s Health at Risk

A NASH Day Exclusive: Sugarproof, The Hidden Dangers of Sugar Putting Your Child’s Health at Risk

June 10, 2021

Most of us know that sugar can wreak havoc on adult bodies, but few realize how uniquely harmful it is to the growing livers, hearts, and brains of children. In this special International NASH Day episode of our NASH kNOWledge Love Your Liver podcast, Dr. Michael Goran provides great insight into the impact of too much added sugar in our kid's diets and how we can "sugarproof" our kids and families.

In addition to being the author of Sugarproof, a USC Professor of Pediatrics and Program Director for Diabetes and Obesity at Children's Hospital Los Angeles, Michael Goran, has found that too much sugar doesn't just cause childhood obesity; it can cause health issues in kids who are not overweight, including fatty liver disease, prediabetes, and elevated risk for eventual heart disease. 

In a groundbreaking study, Dr. Goran's team conducted a detailed analysis of the sugary products that kids love and found that these yogurts, cereals, sodas and juices often had more sugar than advertised and also contained different types of sugar than were being disclosed. Children today are not just consuming more sugar than ever, but they are consuming sugars that are particularly harmful to them - and their parents don't even know it. 

Michael I. Goran, PhD, is one of the world's most widely recognized experts in childhood nutrition and obesity research, with more than thirty years of experience as a researcher, mentor, and educator. He is a Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Southern California, Keck School of Medicine; Co-Director of the USC Diabetes and Obesity Research Institute; and leads the Program in Diabetes and Obesity at Children's Hospital Los Angeles. He holds the Robert C. and Veronica Atkins Endowed Chair in Childhood Obesity and Diabetes. Dr. Goran is a native of Glasgow, Scotland, and received his PhD from the University of Manchester, UK. 


Skinny Liver: One Patient’s Liver Bible

Skinny Liver: One Patient’s Liver Bible

May 27, 2021

A dynamic conversation about fatty liver disease and NASH with Kristin Kirkpatrick, the author of Skinny Liver, and her biggest fan Linda Stefano who is a NAFLD and NASH patient who considers Skinny Liver to be her "Liver Bible." Linda is an active and valued member of NASH kNOWledge Liver Disease Support Group.


Kristin Kirkpatrick is President and CEO of KAK Consulting, LLC and a Wellness Nutrition Services Consultant at Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute in Cleveland, Ohio. She is an experienced, sought after presenter, an award-winning Dietitian, and a best-selling author. 

Kristin has been seen on both local and national shows such as the TODAY Show, NBC Nightly News and the Dr. Oz show and she has contributed to several national newspapers and magazines, such as The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, TIME, Runners World, Oprah, Martha Stewart Living, Food Network, Costco Connection, Self, and Women's Health

The Huffington Post named Kristin "one of 25 diet and nutrition experts you need to follow on Twitter."

Kristin has over 17 years of experience in the health management area, holds an MS in Health Population Management from American University in Washington, D.C. 

Linda Stefano is a NAFLD and NASH patient who lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and has been married for 18 years. Linda is Kristin's biggest fan and uses her Skinny Liver book as her Liver Bible. Linda is an active and valued member of our NASH kNOWledge Liver Disease Support Group

Fatty Liver Journey: Diagnosis to Transplant, and Beyond

Fatty Liver Journey: Diagnosis to Transplant, and Beyond

May 14, 2021

Our NASH kNOWledge founders, Tony Villiotti and Betsy Villiotti, founded the nonprofit organization after their journey with Tony's fatty liver disease. 

Tony's initial fatty liver disease diagnosis progressed over time to NASH, Cirrhosis, Liver Cancer and ultimately a life-saving liver transplant. 

Betsy is his caregiver and angel on earth. 

Diabetes & Fatty Liver Disease

Diabetes & Fatty Liver Disease

April 29, 2021

Meet Andrew Wade, MS, RDN, LDN, CSSD and Vince Ranalli from Case Specific Nutrition/Case Specific Meal Prep for our second "Love Your Liver" episode where they talk about diabetes prevention, diabetes and the link to fatty liver disease.

Diabetes is a huge risk factor for fatty liver disease and up to 80% of diabetics have a fatty liver. Be sure to check out NASH kNOWledge's informative one-page infographic about diabetes & fatty liver disease.

Andrew consults with clients every day and is on our Board of Directors at NASH kNOWledge, and Vince spends his time teaching their Diabetes Prevention Program and runs their meal prep company, spending lots of time in the kitchen.


Meet Andrew:

Andrew Wade, MS, RDN, LDN, CSSD is a Registered 
Dietitian, and owner of Case Specific Nutrition (CSN), 
a Dietitian Group Practice with 6 locations in 
Pittsburgh, PA and the surrounding area. CSN has 
various contracts servicing fitness centers, corporate 
wellness initiatives, health and rehabilitation sites, 
and family medical offices. 
Andrew completed his Master’s in Wellness & Human 
Performance at the University of Pittsburgh and is 
currently credentialed as a Certified Specialist in 
Sports Dietetics (CSSD). In addition to his nutrition 
practice, Andrew is the creator of the accountability 
mobile app "Rate My Day", the co-founder of the 
online habits course "Optilife Academy", the author of 
the book “Marathon Ready Runner’s Nutrition Guide: 
a quick reference tool”, the Producer of the CSN3M 
Podcast, and the owner of the Case Specific Wellness 
Fitness Center.

Meet Vince:

Vince is an incredibly talented, passionate and professional community health educator with extensive experience planning, organizing and providing health education programs to the community. Vince earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science from Slippery Rock University as well as his Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of Pittsburgh. Vince is also a trusted and well-known Diabetes Prevention Lifestyle Coach who has organized programs throughout the Pittsburgh area!

Vince’s versatile background in the health and wellness industry has equipped him with the skills and empathy required to motivate and direct community groups and individuals to take control of their health. Vince is committed to reducing chronic disease in his community and looks forward to supporting you!

Vince is also the CEO and majority owner of Case Specific Meal Prep, a joint effort with Case Specific Nutrition!

Patient Perspective: Fatty Liver Disease Journey

Patient Perspective: Fatty Liver Disease Journey

April 15, 2021

Meet Kam Taitt, our first "Love Your Liver" guest and a dear friend of NASH kNOWledge. Kam was diagnosed with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease around the age of 31. Kam shares his journey from then until now including feeling alone in this disease, not knowing much about it, and his struggle in finding the right medical team and diet to help him improve his health. Kam's humor and upbeat attitude are always appreciated. Kam is a former Board Member of NASH kNOWledge and he has helped us from a consulting standpoint, helping us innovate and think big. 

Kam is a client leader with expertise in helping brands leverage technology (Voice, AI, Immersive Media, Automation, etc.) to increase sales. He is clearly a tech enthusiast and most recently a podcaster. 

Love Your Liver - Teaser Promo “Pre-Episode”

Love Your Liver - Teaser Promo “Pre-Episode”

April 7, 2021

Calling all Liver Lovers...

A short teaser for a new "Love Your Liver" podcast coming to you from 501(c)3 nonprofit, NASH kNOWledge.

Our first episode will be launching soon, but this podcast is where we talk about all things liver, and give our livers just a little bit of extra love. 

If you love your liver and have your own liver disease story, have cared for someone with liver disease or have a career focused on liver health we want to hear from you! 

We can be reached at or


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